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Print & web samples:

Self promotional interactive, animated website
(Design, Illustration, Animation, samples of other work)
(Contact information in the "Many Hats" website is no longer valid. See updated information in the column at left.)

PipeWrench Logo Character Illustration
(Illustration for web and print)

Web samples only:

Discovery Online Baby Week (Design & Illlustration)

Discovery Online Dan Ho (Design & Illlustration)

National Geographics Human Footprint (Design & Illlustration)
(This link is to an unstyled, non-public page on the Nat Geo website. Click in the animated Human Footprint header at bottom left of the page. The interactive will then appear in a pop-up box.)

World Bank Write-On (Design & Illlustration)

University of Tennessee College of Liberal Arts website (Design & Maintenance)

University of Tennessee Department of History (Design & Maintenance)

The University of Tennessee (Creative Team Design & Maintenance)

University of Tennessee Humanities Center (Design & Maintenance)

Colonial Williamsburg iCitizen Forum (Illustration)

UT Annual Giving email movie (Design & Animation)

UT College of Law email movie (Design & Animation)

UT Have You Heard? email movie (Design & Animation)

UT Christmas Card email movie (Design, Illustration, Animation)

UT Senior Gift email movie (Design & Animation)

UT Senior Gift email (Design & HTML)

UT Family Campaign email movie (Design & Animation)

UT Tours email movie (Design & Animation)

Horizon personalized email movie (Design & Animation)

Discovery Online Mammoths (Design & Illustration)

Self promo email movie #1 (Design, Illustration, Animation)

Self promo email movie #2 (Design, Illustration, Animation)

Self promo email movie #3 (Design, Illustration, Animation)

Denso web comp (Design, HTML, Animation)

TTDC web comp (Design, HTML, Animation)

Tombras web concept (Design & Animation)

Regal web comp #1 (Design, HTML, Animation)

Regal web comp #2 (Design, HTML, Animation)

BakerHistory (Design, HTML—This is a personal genealogy website.)

(The following projects have been archived by the clients. I am trying to locate a copies, so please check back.)

Discovery Online Holiday Baby Week (Design & Illustration)

National Geographic Earth Biography (Design & Illlustration)