Andrew Baker Esq Notes

From Gwen Boyer Bjorkman and committee

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Name: Andrew BAKER Esq.
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Change Date: 14 JUL 2011
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1720
Death: BEF 1779
We cannot prove this is the father of the Bakers listed as children.
The purported first settler in the Upper New River Valley, Andrew
Baker, was reported to have been driven out by Indian activities about
1763. This is a bit far fetched, but has wide circulation. The reality
of the situation is that he was scared out and in reality had not been
threatened, if he was on the Upper New River. There is contradictory
evidence on the location of his dwelling prior to being driven out, by
tradition across the Blue Ridge, however, it seems more reasonable
that he lived on the Yadkin River. When the Indian threats were
perceived many temporarily moved to the Moravian settlement at Salem,
North Carolina. When the threat was over they returned to the Middle
New River, which was the limit of settlement during the French and
Indian War
From: “Wilma P. Johnson” <
From Asberry Johnson’s notes and data supplied in 1916 by a direct
descendant of John Renta Baker. Also, family papers and records in
the possession of a Nancy Clark Baker, of Wise Co., VA and from a
historian of this branch of the family, B.J. Bolling, known to be
extremely accurate even to this date in the data he had, though he has
been dead a long time now, his paper is dated 1934)
1751. Marmaduke Kimbrough. 2 Nov. 1752. 600a in Orange Co., joining
James Russell and the N side of Buffiloe Cr. Wits: Jno Haywood, Jas
Carter surveyed 14 June 1751 SCC: Andrew BAKER, Griffin Green,
Charles Robinson Dep Sur Plat reads “line in Bladen County” Hofmann,
The Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763, volume 2:286.
Patent Book 14:4016.
1751. James Carter. 1 May 1753 632 acres in Rowan Co., joining the
North Bank of the South fork of Deep River. Wits: Jno Haywood, James
Campbell surveyed 19 June 1751 SCC: Andrew BAKER, Griffin Green,
Charles Robinson Dep Survr Plat reads “Land in Bladen County; surveyed
for Andrew BAKER” Hofmann, The Granville District of North Carolina
1748-1763, volume 3:50.
1751. Entries in the Earl of Granville’s Dist (1751-1752) North
Carolina Archives Stack #SS592. #1282 David Strahan 7 Nov 1751, 640a
“on the south side of S. Alamance above a mile above Andrew Bakers
uper line” Entry 39. Miles S. Philbeck, Bladen Prect/County North
Carolina Surviving Land Warrants and Surveys 1735-1749 and Surviving
Land Entries 1743-1761 (1985)
6043 ANDREW BAKER Warrent dated 16 May 1757 to William Churton to
survey 640 acres in Orange County on little Barten Creek on the South
side of the Nuese river – including Baker’s own plantation /s/ Fras
Corbin Entered 9 March 1757 Back of document reads: To NATHANIEL
KINBROUGH Grant 25 July 1760.
6446 ANDREW BAKER Warrent dated 10 May 1757 to WM Churton to survey
640 acres in Orange County on a Drain of Kemps Branch (which is the
waters of the Neuse, joining OSBORNE JEFFRYS /s/ Jas Watson Back of
document reads “To TIMOTHY SHAW Living on the Land Survey’d 31
January 1761
1763 – Rowan County NC Deed Book March 4th 1763 Elisha Lawrence late
of Rowan to ANDREW BAKER for 450 acres on Grassy Bottom Creek granted
by Granville Dec. 25th 1761.
1768. Andrew BAKER & wife Susannah to James Sheppard for £140 proc.
450A on Grassy Bottom Creek. 11 March. 1768. Tarrut Gross, Jacob
Loesch. Linn, Rowan County Deed Abstracts Volume II, 1762-1772, p.
There is a 1779 Wilkes record for a Susannah Baker – (survey for John
Baker) living on an improvement close to 1749 Andrew 1750 Morris and
James on the South Fork of the New –
Entry officer of Claims for the County NC of Wilkes
…a survey for John Baker a tract of land containing two hundred
acres lying and being in the County aforesaid Lying on the South
Fork of the New River beginning at the mouth of Rones Creek “Running
down the River to Bakers Line” Running up the creek including the
imprt that Susanna Baker now lives on for ??? Comp 2?? … Dec.
From Harley Bowling []
Many of the Benjamin Bolling descendants from Wise Co., Va., were
tested as were many of Jesse Bowling’s descendants. Their DNA test
results are the same.
I was on a committee with the BFA for some time searching for the
parents of Benjamin Bolling – we have not reached a conclusion as to
his parents. We just don’t know.
As for Benjamin stating that his sister married Old Andrew Baker –
this seems to be a myth that was started many years ago. No
Bowling/Baker researcher that I know of has ever found anything to
support this.
From Gale Wallen
“The Dickey Diary says that Benjamin Bolling stated that his sister
married Old Andrew Baker.”
To have been married to Old Andrew, a Mary Bolling would have been
born c. 1720 – her brother, at about the same time. Since a brother
of Old Andrew’s wife, couldn’t have been alive in 1870 to tell Dickey
anything ( unless he lived to be 150 or so), who told Dickey that
Benjamin Bolling’s sister married Old Andrew??? Can you post the
whole entry?
It is hard for me to accept a Dickey Diary statement when there is no
record that can be found to back it up.
Benjamin Bolling lived to be 98 years old, and a rude stone marking
his grave had the inscription “B. Bolling 1734-1832”.
Name: Andrew BAKER , Esquire
Birth: 1692 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Death: 6 SEP 1781 in Grayson County, or Amelia County,
Virginia/Grayson Co., VA
Father: Robert (James) T. BAKER , Sr. b: 1663 in Pennsylvania
Mother: Susanna PACKER b: ABT 1664 in Massachusetts


Father: [Unknown] BAKER b: ABT 1686
Mother: [UNKNOWN] b: ABT 1690

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


Has Children Andrew BAKER Rev. b: 1749
Has Children Morris BAKER b: 1750 in Bladen, NC
Has No Children Martha “Patsy” BAKER b: 1752
Has Children George F. BAKER Capt. b: 14 OCT 1759 in Granville, NC
Has No Children Eleanor “Nellie” BAKER b: 09 DEC 1765
Has Children John “Renta” BAKER b: 24 JAN 1743/1744
Has Children Bolling BAKER b: 1763 in Rowan, NC
Has Children James BAKER b: ABT 1746
Has Children Robert BAKER b: ABT 1754


Marriage 2 Susannah [UNKNOWN] b: BEF 1748

Married: BEF 1768 in Rowan, NC