The Baker DNA Study

At the bottom of this page is the result of DNA testing by two of my male cousins. It doubly confirms our link to Rev. Andrew Baker and the others listed at the bottom. Click the chart to see it at full size, or go to this website to see all results.


Saxons-Vikings map

Saxons-Vikings map

Our test results also confirmed our “haplogroup” as “I1”, which is overwhelmingly Scandinavian/Northern Europe. This is a Viking, Visigoth, Anglo-Saxon origin in the north of England.

Haplogroup I1 is the most common I subclade in northern Europe. It is found mostly in Scandinavia and Finland, where it typically represent over 35% of the male Y-chromosomes. Associated with the Norse ethnicity, I1 is found in all places invaded by ancient Germanic tribes and the Vikings. Other parts of Europe speaking Germanic languages come next in frequency. Germany, Austria, the Low Countries, England and the Scottish Lowlands all have between 10% and 20% of I1 lineages.

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Another source for information on Germania and the Germanic Tribes (which included the above) is


Y-STR DNA study for the Baker Project Group

Visigoth cross

Visigoth cross

Testing company:
Family Tree DNA
(testing partner for National Geographic’s Genographic Project)

Results website:

Baker Project Group:

The two men tested are 2nd cousins of mine. Their Kit Numbers are #2782 (12-marker test) and #156285 (37-marker test). Both of them fell into the same group: “3. Rev. Andrew / John Renta / Morris / Robert Baker, etc.” There is a separate group for the gunsmith: “4. Robert ‘the Gunsmith’ Baker”, which we did NOT fall into.

I have corresponded with the manager of this group, and he told me that all of the DNA testing done shows that Rev Andrew and Robert “the Gunsmith” are most definitely NOT related.

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