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Since my family ancestry was published on my original website, the connection to the Rev. Andrew Baker (1749 – 1815) has been confirmed by Y-DNA tests on two different Baker men in the family.

The genealogy below has been Y-DNA verified and otherwise documented via family records and living memory from the present up to and including Rev Andrew Baker (1749 – 1815) and his siblings. Put simply, everything from Andrew Baker, Esq on back is so far undocumented, and therefore is educated guessing at best and mythology at worst. The exception to this is the Revolutionary War Pensions applied for by several of Rev Andrew’s brothers or their widows. We have located these documents, and a transcription of each one can be seen at the links noted below. I’ve included 2 transcriptions for James Baker, because I’m not yet sure which is correct (although the first one seems the more logical).

If you have any additional information that could help, please email here. We are completely open to all documentation, whether it conflicts or reinforces what we have so far.

Two notes:

(1) Direct ancestors on this page, specific to my own family line, are shown below in red and with a single asterisk.

(2) There is now a type of family tree on this site. Choose a person in the “Person Index” list on that page and click the link at the end of the line. (This is from an uploaded gedcom file that came from my family tree.)

–William A. “Bill” Baker
(son of Oddis Jackson Baker, son of William Josiah Baker, son of John Harvey Baker, son of Green Ward Baker, son of Joseph Baker, son of Andrew Baker, son of Rev. Andrew Baker)

Because of a conflict with our doubly-proven (Y-DNA) heritage, I’ve removed the old information I had placed here that I thought took our Bakers back to England. I am now attempting to correct that lineage beginning with Andrew Baker Sr or Andrew W. Baker, Esq. The INcorrect heritage is now at Alternate Family Ancestry on this website.

Andrew (“Old Andrew”?) Baker, (unknown birth-death)

Note: We have no documentation that Andrew William Baker Sr/Esq (1692-1781) was the father of Rev Andrew Baker (1749-1815). And, even the source used here for Andrew Esq states in one place at least that they have no documentation for who his father or mother may be. But I have found a Revolutionary War pension application by one of the sons, George, that clearly states that he was born in Granville Co, NC in 1759. At that time, Granville Co was pretty well established as far as location at the top, middle of the state, on the VA/NC border (other counties that were at one time part or all of Granville or vice-versa are: Shaftsbury 1670, Albemarle 1664, Chowan 1668, Bertie 1722, Edgecombe 1741, Granville 1746). It’s a good starting point for more research to find or verify the father’s (and mother’s) name, so that our search can continue back towards England. Transcriptions of the Revolutionary War pension applications for 6 of the sons are available at the links below.

We now have proof that Rev Andrew’s father was Andrew Baker, Esq. Part of this is a longhand document signed by Rev Andrew Baker which states that his father settled the Peach Bottom land. We have a county court document that states that the Peach Bottom land was initially settled by Andrew Baker and his wife, Susannah (not Mary or Molly).
First wife? – Susannah Packer (1688 – 1764, PA, America—daughter of Phillip and Hannah Packer)
Or it could be another Susannah. “Susannah” was mentioned in court records as the wife of Andrew Baker.
Second wife? – Mary Mollie Boling/Bolin (1722 – 1791) or Mary Agnes Boling (1702 – 1777)
There is so far NO documentation of his wife as Mary/Mollie Boling. This is pure conjecture.

Many trees have Mary Mollie Bowling (1722 – 1791) or Mary Agnes Bolling (1702 – 1777 VA) as the wife of Andrew, but no one has been able to verify either to date. A Rowan Co, NC deed abstract (referenced here) lists “Andrew Baker and his wife Susannah”, but I have been unable to locate that abstract myself. Also, it is confusing and troubling that Andrew’s son, John, is indicated as having two different wives named “Susannah” and that some trees show Susannah Packer as Andrew Sr’s mother—born circa 1664 in MA. So, the best candidate, so far to me, is Mary Boling/Bolin. There is less confusion surrounding her, and the strongest evidence (though circumstantial) is the fact that Andrew Sr had a son named Boling/Bolin Baker (shown spelled both ways on a transcription of his revolutionary war pension application). It was and is still a common practice to use the mother’s maiden name as a first or middle name for a child.

A fascinating side note is that the surname Boling/Bolin (and it’s other spellings) is among the core surname group of the Appalachian people known as “Melungeon”, who settled in the mountains of eastern TN, KY, VA, and NC, but primarily in specific areas (such as Newman’s Ridge) in extreme Northeastern Tennessee. There is and has been much debate over their exact heritage, but the best of the modern scholars are leaning towards a mainly European-Indian mix, with the possibility of some middle eastern blood (Turkish, Portuguese, Arab). However, recent DNA testing has so far indicated a mostly European-African mix—a big surprise to everyone. It’s safe to say, though, that the “jury is still out” on the entire question of Melungeon ancestry. Having said all that, this does NOT mean that Mary Boling was herself a Melungeon. Only that the possibility is far greater than with any non-Melungeon surname.  In my Melungeon reading, I have found that Baker and Barker and Spurlock (names in both sides of my family) are “Melungeon-related” surnames. Folks with these surnames could also be Melungeon (by marriage), or it could be that the early families with these names simply lived near or among known Melungeon families or communities.–BB

[There is a lot of discussion on the web about Mary’s lineage. This is one of the more imaginative.]

Children of this marriage (information from Revolutionary War pension applications is shown in maroon):

  • James Baker (9 Nov 1755 – 7 Sep 1831, Madison Co, KY)  I am unsure of the following 2 scenarios for James Baker, but include them here for the time being. The first is the most likely to be true:


      • due to locations involved (See copy of transcribed war pension application):
      • Married Elizabeth Montgomery (27 Nov 1766 – ?), married in Burke Co, NC on 20 Aug 1781. (Certificate dated April 14, 1851 given by the clerk of court of Burke County North Carolina that there is in his office an old marriage bond for the year 1780 and 1781 signed by James Baker on the back of which is the name Elizabeth Montgomery)
      • On 5 April 1851 in Madison Co KY, Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery Baker, aged 86 years, appeared before the court to petition a widow’s pension under the act of July 4 1836 granting pensions to certain widows of soldiers in the Army of the Revolution in North Carolina. James entered the service in Rowan Co, NC in 1781 for 12 months and served in the Continental line of NC as a private.
      • Children of this marriage:
        • Rebeca Baker was born Nov 20: 1782
        • Charles Baker was born Jan 4: 1784
        • Marget Baker was born Feb 18: 1787
        • Sary Baker was born Feb 2: 1789
        • Elisabeth Baker was born May 31: 1791
        • Jane Baker was born Sept 20: 1793
        • James Baker was born Dec 5: 1795
        • Mary Baker was born April 1797
        • Elias Baker was born April 2: 1799
        • John Baker was born April 1801
        • Nancy Baker was born June 30: 1804
        • Rachel Baker was born June 30, 1804


    • due to locations involved (See copy of transcribed war pension application):
    • Married Rhoda (?) on 8 Sep 1777 and lived in Abbeville, SC for 36 years.
    • On 29 July 1853, Lumpkin Co, Georgia, daughter and heir of James Baker, Rhoda S. Stephens (age 64), appeared before the court to claim any remaining war pension and/or land awards to her late father, James Baker (died 1 Nov 1833). See copy of transcribed application.
    • Children of this marriage:
      • Thomas Baker
      • James T. Baker
      • Susanna Baker
      • Isaac S. Baker
      • John B. Baker
      • Daniel D. Baker
      • Rhoda Baker Stephens
  • Elijah Baker (1742 – 1798) In 1828 in Hopkins Co KY, Elijah applied for a government war pension for his 3 years of service in the Colonial army from 1779 to 1782. On 7 Aug 1832, at age 74, in Washington Co, MO, he applied again. This was witnessed by an acquaintance of 12 years who also had a pension, Peter Pennell (a justice of the peace). I am not 100% certain that this was our Elijah Baker, but included the application transcript at this time. See copy of transcribed application.
  • John “Renta” Teneretta Baker (7 Oct 1735, Pine Mountain, Wilkes County, North Carolina – 10 Nov 1831, Cortland Cemetery, Cowcreek, Owsley Co, Kentucky)
  • Abendego Baker (? – ?)
  • Cuthbert Baker (1746 – ?)
  • Richard Baker (1747 – ?)
  • *Andrew Baker, Rev (1749 – 24 Sep 1815)
  • Morris Baker (1750 – 1813)
  • Joseph Baker (1751 – 1838) On 21 Aug 1820, he appeared in court in Garrard Co KY to apply for a government war pension. He stated that he was a farmer by occupation and had 10 children with only 3 living with he and Susanna at that time. He said that he had been living in Hillsborough, Orange Co, NC when he enlisted in the army. See copy of transcribed application.
    • Married Susanna (?) Baker in Wythe Co VA in 1778. She stated in her pension application that Joseph died 1 Mar 1838 in Garrard Co, KY.
      • Abraham Baker (1786 – ?) On 25 Oct 1838, Abraham submitted an affidavit to the government saying that he was 52 years old and the 2nd child of Joseph Baker.
  • Robert Baker (?) The information I had for this “uncle” was incorrect, so I removed it. Both earlier research by my father and results from the Baker DNA Project indicate that there was a Robert Baker in this group of siblings, so I will leave him here for now and try to find some biographical information. See From the Editor for more details.
  • George F. Baker (1759 – 1841) In 1832, he applied for a government war pension for serving in the Colonial army & fighting the British and Indians in NC from 1776 to 1779 (2.5 years). See the transcribed copy of this application, witnessed by his brother, Bowling. In this application, George states that he was born in Granville County, NC on 14 Oct 1759. He was living in Wilkes Co at the time he entered the service. He says in the same document that he moved to Morgan County, Indiana in about 1827. See copy of transcribed application.
  • Martha Patsy Baker (1761 – ?)
  • ***Bolin “Kikpelathy” Baker (1738 – 1812) (or 1763 – ?; dates conflict in sources)*** In 1832, Bolin applied for a government war pension for serving in the Colonial army & fighting the British and Indians in NC, SC, and East TN from 1780 to 1782. See the transcribed copy of this application, witnessed by his brother, George. See copy of transcribed application. I’ve just found a lot of what appears to be good information on Bolin’s Indian wife, Princess Aracoma Sky Cornflower Cornstalk, and their 6 children. In the future, I’ll detail this history on a new page on this website, but for now, you can use these links to outside sources:
  • Eleanor Baker (1765 – ?)
  • Leonard Baker (? – ?)
  • Sarah Susannah (Baker) Hughes (24 Dec 1711, PA – ?)

Rev. Andrew Baker (1749 – 1815)

died 24 Sep 1815, buried at Robert Clark Cemetery, Jonesville, VA (Lee County)

Wife – Elizabeth Avent (12 Sep 1752 – 1844)

buried with husband, Rev. Andrew

Rev. Andrew Baker was born in Virginia in 1749 and was a Baptist minister in North Carolina and Virginia. He was pastor of various churches, and he was a Continental Army chaplain during the Revolutionary War.

(To date, I have seen no proof that Rev. Andrew had a middle name, although I have seen the middle initial “B.” used on some family trees. –BB)

The last church he organized (1800) and pastored was the Thompson Settlement Church in Lee County, Virginia. It is the oldest stil-active church in that county.

Rev. Andrew and his wife Elizabeth are buried in the Robert Clark’s Cemetery 7 miles SW of Jonesville in Lee County, Virginia.

Children of their marriage who are listed below were taken from Rev. Andrew’s bible, which is archived at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. (photos of this bible are located in the “Gallery” section of this website):

  • Solomon Baker (13 Apr 1770 – ?) married Mourning Dove Calloway
  • Henry Baker (14 Aug 1774 – ?)
  • *Andrew Baker (18 Feb 1777 – 12 Jan 1840)
  • Joseph Baker (8 Apr 1779 – ?)
  • James Walter Baker (27 Jan 1782 – ?) married Elizabeth Shepherd
  • John Baker (15 Aug 1784 – ?) married Martha Patsy Jones
  • Nancy Baker (10 Jan 1787 – 17 Jan 1856 in Gentry Co Missouri)
  • Elijah Baker (8 May 1789 – ?)
  • Martha Patsy Baker (27 Oct 1791 – 21 Nov 1869 in Hancock, Clairborne Co, Tennessee)

Andrew Baker (1777 – 1840)

(18 Feb 1777 – 12 Jan 1840)

Wife – Jane Williams (14 Mar 1782 – 20 Sep 1862)

Children of this marriage—taken from the family bible signed by John E. Baker and recorded by Leland Alfred Baker, his grandson:

  • William Baker (02 Mar 1801 – ?)
  • Nancy Baker (17 May 1802 – ?)
  • John A. Baker (18 Oct 1803 – ?)
  • Elizabeth Baker (13 Apr 1805 – ?)
  • Rebecca Baker (12 Nov 1806 – ?)
  • Didania Baker (10 Jun 1808 – ?)
  • *Joseph Baker (10 Apr 1810 – 10 Nov 1895)
  • Polly Baker (10 Nov 1811 – ?)
  • Lucy Baker (31 Aug 1813 – ?)
  • Patsy Baker (09 Aug 1815 – ?)
  • Casanara Baker (23 Mar 1817 – ?)
  • Jane Baker (05 Nov 1819 – ?)
  • Soloman Baker (22 Nov 1820 – ?)
  • Evaline Baker (25 Aug 1822 – ?)
  • Manervia Baker (31 Dec 1824 – ?)

Joseph Baker (1810 – 1895)

(10 Apr 1810 – 10 Nov 1895) buried at Smithton, Missouri on lot owned by son John E. Baker

Wife – Jane Williams

married 07 Jan 1834 Knox Co, Kentucky

Children of this marriage:

  • Harvey Marion Baker (1837 – ?)
  • *Green Ward Baker (9 Aug 1845 Knox Co, Kenucky – 24 Oct 1906 Knox Co, Kentucky)
  • John E. Baker (16 Feb 1839 – 09 Dec 1902)
  • Amanda Baker (1849 – ?)
  • Margaret J. Baker (1843 – ?)
  • Celia Baker (1853 – ?)

Green Ward Baker (1845 – 1906)

(29 Aug 1845 – 4 Oct 1906 Knox Co, Kenucky) buried on the “old Baker farm” in Middle Fork, near Grays community.

Wife – Eliza Jane Berry (born 22 Jul 1850 Claiborne Co, TN – died 24 Aug 1930 Knox Co, KY).

They were married 23 April 1868 in Knox Co, KY. Eliza was the daughter of William Jackson Berry (brothers: Nelson and Thomas Berry) and Elizabeth Edds. After Green Ward’s death, Eliza married Charlie Ollie. Eliza’s children did not approve of Ollie, and referred to him as the “peddler” or “Jewish peddler”. At some point, they managed to have the marriage annulled or succeeded in bringing about a divorce. Mr. Ollie was probably something of a rounder, because he was shot and killed several years later (1933) in Clay, County. His death certificate stated that he was from “Cantanna” in Syria. Some time after her divorce from Ollie, Eliza married Alexander Spurlock (1873 – 1936). I believe this marriage was also in Knox County, KY. It’s interesting to note that Eliza was buried with her first husband, Green Ward Baker.

[Note: the above information came from my Aunt Lois Nolan Baker, my Uncle Charles Baker, my father Oddis Baker, and my cousin Dee Smith. It is a combination of memory and oral recounting as well as researched records and documents by Dee.]

Children of this marriage and their spouses:

  • Martha E. Baker (30 June 1869 Knox Co – 21 Oct 1918 Knox Co, KY)
    • Married Andrew J. Hutton, 25 May 1899 Knox Co, son of Leonard Hutton and Elizabeth Slemp
    • Married Robert Hicks, 5 April 1906 in Knox Co, son of Richard Hicks and Margaret Neft
  • *John Harvey Baker (18 Oct 1871 Knox Co – 3 Dec 1951 Knox Co, KY)
    • Married Ellen Malissa Israel (6 Mar 1876 – 20 Feb 1962) 16 Jan 1895 in Knox Co
  • Cordelia “Delia” Baker (22 Jul 1873 Knox Co – 4 Nov 1925 Whitley Co, KY)
    • Married William “Bill” Disney 3 Aug 1893 in Knox Co, son of Polly
  • Joseph T. “Joe” Baker (13 Feb 1874 Knox Co – 17 July 1955 Knox Co, KY)
    • Married Axie Jones** and later Minnie Helton (?)
  • William “Bill” Jack Baker (24 Nov 1878 Knox Co – 2 Nov 1944 Knox Co)
    • Married Mary Dozier (?)
  • Green Washington Baker (8 Sep 1880, Fletcher, Laurel Co – 14 Nov 1945, Fletcher, Laurel Co)
    • Married Betty Jones** (?)
  • Samuel H. Baker (1883 Knox Co – circa 1010 London, Ky)
    • Married Georgia Jones** (?)
  • Eliza Ida Baker (10 Oct 1884 Knox Co – 6 July 1949 Knox Co)
    • Married Leonard Johnson (?)
  • Dora Ellen Baker (1892 Knox Co – 2 June 1969 Whitley Co)
    • Married Arnold Clouse (?)

**These three Jones girls were sisters.

John Harvey Baker (1871 – 1951)

(18 Oct 1871 – 03 Dec 1951) buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, Kentucky

Wife – Ellen Malissa Israel (06 Mar 1876 – 20 Feb 1962)

buried with husband, John Harvey

Children of this marriage and spouses:

  • Rhoda Idella Baker (10 Mar 1895 – 24 Mar 1957)
    • Married Ben Donaldson (10 Nov 1890 – 20 Nov 1962)
  • Green Edward Baker (26 Sep 1896 – 06 Jun 1975)
    • Married Maud Ray (07 Jan 1894 – ?)
  • Chester Baker (12 Oct 1898 – 24 Apr 1970)
    • Married Ollie Crook (03 Dec 1899 – 03 Dec 1962)
  • Walter Sherman Baker (06 Feb 1903 – 21 Mar 1969)
    • Married Thelma Sulfridge (01 Mar 1908 – Dec 1991)
  • Iva Jane Baker (31 Jan 1905 – 25 Jun 1956)
    • Married Laurence Spurlock (?) and later married Jeff Faulkner (?)
  • *Willie Josiah Baker (20 Sep 1907 – 30 Oct 1970)
    • Married Bessie Edith Sasser (29 Apr 1907 – 04 Jan 1994)
  • Johnnie Benjamin Baker (12 May 1910 – 18 Jul 1965)
    • Married Rhoda Johnson (29 Sep 1916 – ?)
  • Roscoe Daniel Baker (23 Apr 1912 – 12 Aug 1975)
    • Married Sally Smith (31 Dec 1912 – ?)

Willie Josiah Baker (1907 – 1970)

(20 Sep 1907 – 30 Oct 1970) buried at Corbin, Kentucky

Wife – Bessie Edith Sasser (29 April 1907 – 4 January 1994)

buried with husband, Willie Josiah

Children of this marriage and spouses:

  • *Oddis Jackson Baker (24 April 1926, Gray, Knox Co, KY – 5 December 2002, Clinton, Anderson Co, TN)
    • Married Vivian Vernice Baker (23 June, 1926, Balkan, Bell Co, KY – 29 Aug, 2013, Knoxville, Knox Co, TN)
  • Charles A. Baker (14 Feb 1928 – 17 May 1992, Louisville, KY)
    • Married Anna Evelyn Campbell (30 May 1927 – ?, Louisville, KY)
  • Lois Darleen Baker (born 31 May 1945, Corbin, KY)
    • Married Charles Nolan (18 February, 1946 – ?, Scottsville, IN)
  • James Michael Baker (born 21 November 1949, Corbin, KY)
    • Married Virginia Anne Jewell (born 13 April 1948)

Oddis Jackson Baker (1926 – 2002)

(24 Apr 1926, Gray, Knox Co, KY – 5 Dec 2002, Clinton, Anderson Co, TN) buried at Claxton, TN

Wife – Vivian Vernice Stanifer (23 June 1926, Balkan, Bell Co, KY – 29 Aug, 2013, Knoxville, Knox Co, TN)

buried with husband, Oddis Jackson

Children of this marriage and spouses:

  • *William Albert Baker (born 1 Feb 1947, Lexington, Fayette Co, KY)
    • Married Virginia Elizabeth Sanders in Clinton, AR (born 16 July 1948, Memphis, TN)
    • Married Deborah Ann Keene in Greenville, SC (born 5 Nov 1953, Delaware)
    • Married Bonnie Gail Burch (born 21 May 1948, Nashville, TN) in Clinton, TN, 23 October, 1993
  • Allen Wayne Baker (born 23 Sep 1951, Barbourville, Knox Co, KY)
    • Married Debbie Seiber (born ?, Clinton, Anderson Co, TN) in Clinton, Anderson Co, TN
    • Married Ann Shipley (born ?, Knoxville, Knox Co, TN) in Knoxville, Knox Co, TN
  • Phillip Lee Baker (born 5 May 1953, Oak Ridge, Anderson Co, TN)
    • Married Jan Wallace, (born ?) in Clinton, Anderson Co, TN
    • Married Gloria ?, (born ?) in Clinton, Anderson Co, TN

(The last portion of this page is still being updated.)