Middle Fork Maps

Below are two maps of the old Baker farm place in the Middle Fork area on Richland Creek near Gray, KY. Both are rather large on the page, so you’ll need to scroll down for the second one.

Be sure to see the high-resolution version of the satellite photo mosaic. It’s a large file, so it will take a minute to download. After downloading, you may need to move your cursor around on it a bit until you see a part of the image. (The map may open up on a blank area, making you think you didn’t get the file when you actually did.)

Also, there are PDF versions of the color map and the photo map below. You’ll see more detail than what you see here. You can print any of these maps on your printer for a paper copy of the image.

You can save your own copy of any of the maps by right-clicking on the map and choosing “Save Picture As…” from the menu that pops up.