Surnames By Marriage In William Baker Tree

7-10-2017, yellow group #3, Rev Andrew Baker (1749-1815) 5th ggrandfather
Y-DNA haplogroup: I1, probably also Z63+

Direct Paternal Line (Y-DNA):
Wm A Baker
son of Oddis J Baker, 1926-2002
son of Willie J Baker, 1907-1970
son of John H Baker, 1871-1951
son of Green W Baker, 1845-1906
son of Joseph Baker, 1810-1895
son of Andrew Baker, 1777-1840
son of Rev Andrew Baker, 1749-1815
son of Andrew Baker, Esq (? – ?)

BAKER (paternal):

Avent, Elizabeth (1752-1844), spouse Rev Andrew Baker (1749-1815)

Berry, Eliza Jane (1850- 1930), spouse Green Ward Baker (1845-1906)

The following two names were removed from the family tree as possibilities, because no documentation has been found for them:
Boling/Bolin, Mary Agnes (1702-1777), possible spouse Andrew Baker Esq (1692-1781?)
Boling/Bolin, Mary Mollie (1722-1791), possible spouse Andrew Baker Esq (1692-1781?)

Clouse, Arnold—spouse Dora Ellen Baker (1892-1969)

Disney, William—spouse Cordelia Baker (1873-1925)

Donaldson, Ben “Uncle Ben” (1890-1962), spouse Rhoda Idella Baker “Aunt Rhodie” (1895-1957)

Dozier, Mary—spouse William Jack Baker (1878-1944)

Edds, Elizabeth—mother of Eliza Jane Berry & spouse of William Berry

Faulkner, Jeff—spouse Iva Jane Baker (1905-1956)

Fox, Sarah—child of Col Thomas Avent (1671-1757)

Helton, Minnie—spouse Joseph T Baker (1874-1955)

Hicks, Robert—spouse Martha E Baker (1869-1918)

Hughes ?—spouse Sarah S Baker (1711-?)

Hutton, Andrew J—spouse Martha E Baker (1869-1918)

Israel, Ellen Malissa “Great Grandma Baker” (1876-1962), spouse John Harvey “Great Grandpa” Baker (1871-1951)

Johnson, Leonard—spouse Eliza Ida Baker (1884-1949)

Johnson, Rhoda (1916-?), spouse Johnnie B Baker “Johnnie B” (1910-1965)

Jones, Axie—spouse Joseph T Baker (1874-1955)

Jones, Betty—spouse Green Ward Baker (1880-1945)

Jones, Georgia—spouse Samuel H. Baker (1883-?)

Jones, Martha Patsy—spouse John Baker (1784-?)

Keene, Deborah—spouse William Albert Baker

Massie, Amy—spouse Peter John Avent (1720-1779)

Montgomery, Elizabeth (1766-?), spouse James Baker (1755-1831)

Packer, Susannah (1688-1764), spouse Andrew Baker Esq (1692-1781?)

Ray, Maud (1894-?), spouse Green Edward Baker (1896-1975)

Sanders, Virginia Elizabeth—spouse William Albert Baker

Sasser, Bessie Edith “Grandma Baker” (1907-1994), spouse Willie Josiah “Grandpa” Baker (1907-1970)

Seiber, Deborah—spouse Allen Wayne Baker

Shepherd, Elizabeth—spouse James Walter Baker (1782-?)

Sims, Elizabeth (1707-1779), spouse Peter John Avent (1720-1779)

Smith, Sally (1912-?), spouse Roscoe D Baker “Uncle Roscoe” (1912-1975)

Spurlock, Lawrence—spouse Iva Jane Baker (1905-1956)

Sulfridge, Thelma “Aunt Thelma” (1908-1991), spouse Walter S “Uncle Walter” Baker (1903-1969)

Vincent, Mary—child of Col Thomas Avent

Wallace, Jan—spouse Phillip Lee Baker (current)

Williams, Agatha “Aza”—spouse John T Baker (1735-1831)

Williams, Jane (?-1872), spouse Joseph Baker (1810-1895)

SASSER (my paternal grandmother, Bessie Edith Sasser):


ISRAEL (my paternal great grandmother, Ellen Malissa Israel Baker):

Campbell, Rebecca (1843-1891), spouse Franklin R Israel (1843-1921)

Coffey, Hannah Alloway—sister of Nancy Alloway Israel (1779-1843)

Craig, Luther—spouse Sarah Israel (1895-1971)

Goins, Beaufort—spouse Fannie Mae Israel

Graves, Sarah (1738-1824), spouse Michael Israel (1736-1819)

Higgins, Elizabeth “Bettie” (1810-1880), spouse Isom Israel (1812-?)

Hurst, Avery—spouse Bradley Israel (1897-?)

Johnston, Mary (1720-1792), spouse Solomon Israel (1717-1795)

Jones, Laura (1883-?), spouse George W. Israel (1879-1953)

Nancy Alloway Strange Israel (1779-1843), spouse Solomon W Israel (1774-?)

Saylor, Robert (Bob)—spouse Eliza C Israel (1871-1962)

Scott—spouse Rebecca F Israel (1869-?)

Shakerley, Catherine (1670-1725), spouse Solomon Israel Sr (1660-1734)

Simpson, Amanda “Mandy” (1875-1902), spouse Franklin R Israel (1843-1921)

Strange, Nancy Alloway (1779-1843), spouse Solomon W Israel (1774-?)

Trosper, Laura Ellen (1864-1951), spouse Franklin R Israel (1843-1921)

Wolfe, Sara Evaline (1819-1884), spouse Pleasent D Israel (1816-1901)

STANIFER (maternal):

Barker, Charlie Oliver “Pappy Barker” (1873-1957), spouse Sylvania E Hensley (1885-1971)

Hensley, Sylvania E, “Mammy Barker” (1885-1971), spouse Charlie Oliver Barker (1873-1957)

Radford, Elizabeth (1839-1926), spouse Thomas Hensley (1836-1864)

Reynolds, Fannie (1870-1959), spouse Simpson “Simp” Stanifer (1867-1946)

Spurlock, Susan (1850-1929), spouse Henry L Hensley (1861-1947)

Stanifer, Albert “Grandpa Stanifer” (1899-1984), spouse of Bertha Mae Barker “Grandma Stanifer” (1904-1971)